Design For your Audience

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All businesses have a target audience and it’s important to define who that is! When you are making your marketing materials, whether it be a printed brochure or a website, you need to design for your customer, not for you. It’s all about what your potential customers are looking for and want. There are many things to consider:

What colors reside with your target demographic?

Are they searching the web on their phone, a tablet or a desktop?

Are they readers? Or visual people?

What drives them to make a purchasing decision?

When designing materials for your business, step into the shoes of your target audience and consider what they are looking for. According to a study compiled of information from New York Times, Harrington College of Design, and other sources, the older end of the Gen-Z generation (1996-2015) enjoy muted and pastel colors, like spearmint and blush pink. Their style also has a heavy influence of the 80s and 90s, so bright colors, like yellow (which was named The Color of Gen-Z) is very appealing to them. Millennials and Gen-Z are automatically attracted to a service or product that is aesthetically pleasing to them. Of course, the quality of the service is always important, but initially attracting them and bringing them in relies a lot on visuals.

If you’re attracting an older audience, those who are a part of the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations (1943-1960, 1961-1980) enjoy a much more mature color palette. Warm yellows and whites, pale blue, and jade green, and shades of grey are comfortable and classic for these generations. Of course, this is not exact science and varies from person-to-person, but this is a good baseline to start. These generations may not care as much about aesthetics as they do about the functionality of a service or product, but since your website is often times the first time new customers interact with your business, it’s worth thinking about.

Combining what your audience might enjoy aesthetically with a website or app that’s easy to navigate is sure to attract your current and new customers. Of course, Millennials and Gen-Zers might be accessing your website on their smartphone more often than on a laptop or desktop like Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. In 2020, it’s safe to assume most people own and use a smartphone, so it’s always good to make sure navigation is easy regardless of the age of your target audience.

Another thing to consider is how much text is included on your website. Millennials are attracted to a very minimalistic look. They can be easily overwhelmed and distracted, so having a simple, straightforward point when explaining your services is going to attract them the most. Further, Millennials are more likely to seek out services from word-of-mouth, where the Gen-X generation likes to use the internet to research a business and their options. Gen X-ers are oftentimes quite direct and like to engage in honest, open conversations. Because of this, it’s important to consider bringing honesty and transparency when explaining a product or service to them.

To find out more information or if you need help finding the design and color palette perfect for your website, Paragon Marketing Group has the people and resources to help make all of it come to life.