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Why deal with different companies when our team can do it all? From marketing to web and graphic design to video, we’ve got you covered.


You speak, we listen and then together we plan our mission! Together we define the goals you need to succeed.


We develop the overall plans and the items to get you on your way. From business card and brochure design to websites, online ads, social posts and more.


Starting is easy! We’ll guide you in the right direction so you can stay in control of what matters.


We’ll provide feedback, analytics, and guidance, holding both ourselves and you accountable for what needs to be done.

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Services Customized Just for you

No two businesses are the same, so why should their marketing be? We take pride in making a custom plan for each business. We have many different package options. Meet with our Account Executives to find the plan that is right for your business. Choose Paragon Marketing Group, the preferred Wisconsin marketing company.

Keeping Clients Satisfied

  • Paragon Marketing worked with me in developing a new website for Advanced Communication Specialists, Inc. They responded to all our requests and seemed to always find the perfect photo to include and best way to present our company’s information. The entire team at Paragon was generous with their time, thoughtful with their suggestions and the results of their combined talents was perfect!

    Susan Keel Advanced Communication Specialists
  • I have never had my marketing scheme and social media management for my business in more capable hands. Their ideas, response for changes or requests are extremely quick and well done. The work they do for me is extremely professional, well put together and captivating. I highly recommend working with the awesome staff at Paragon Marketing Group so your business can take the next step to success!

    Lisa Triscari American Advantage-IFS
  • Jim (Skip) Reinke and his team at Paragon Marketing have done an amazing job for us here at Topline Promotions and we would recommend them to all colleagues and associates as the “full package deal” – a team full of cutting-edge talent, dedication, and passion for web design and development.

    Scott Gillette Topline Promotions
  • We wanted to make our website easier to use for all involved and chose Paragon because they brought fresh ideas to SCI Wisconsin. Paragon made the process easy for SCI Wisconsin and we look forward to not only having a continued partnership but also growing the partnership between the two organizations. We couldn’t have made a better choice.

    Matt Yunk SCI
  • Over the last four years, Paragon has helped us to tell our patient stories at our annual Gala. While many of our patients express their gratitude and offer to share their stories with others, not all patients feel comfortable telling their story in person in front of a large group..that’s where Paragon has come into play. Jim and his crew come in and set up at the clinic to provide a spot where the patients feel comfortable telling their stories. Jim does a great job of making the people feel at ease. Usually, after just a few takes, we have a version that portrays their story well. The patients always come out of it saying that it was a positive experience. Thanks to Jim and the team at Paragon Media!

    Lake Area Free Clinic
  • Paragon Marketing Group has been a wonderful asset to Thelen Funeral Services. They have guided us along the path of growing our business and getting awareness out for families that are in need. Paragon, Skip, Ray, Emma and the entire crew deserve a ton of credit and your time and respect if your looking for that next step with your business. They are “people” who care about people and their business. Paragon Marketing is without a doubt the team to go to if you want to see things changed, done and done well. They will make your business grow.

    Timothy A. Thelen Thelen Funeral Services
  • You rock! I love everything you are doing. Thank you so much for helping me to grow my business!!

    Sherri Spruce Snug Harbor Campground
  • Signed up with Paragon Marketing Group this spring 2017, best decision I've made this year! Paragon is an awesome company to work with, very friendly customer service and definitely know how to market. They created a wonderful new website for us and have done an amazing job keeping up with our social media. Two Thumbs up to Paragon!!

    Julie Michaels Scenic Ridge Campground
  • I believe strongly in Paragon and what I feel they can do for small business. In working with Paragon to develop a website I have found a very passionate group of young professionals. Jim Reinke the visionary and owner of the company is a skillful leader who cultivates the “out of the box” thinking in his staff and brings their diverse skill sets together to make a very cohesive and effective marketing team.

    Dev Traver Luke's Lost Arts
Courtney Lutz
Courtney Lutz
April 5, 2022.
Kaushalya Iyengar
Kaushalya Iyengar
April 5, 2021.
It was a great pleasure to work with this company especially Emma who helped us build Town Hall Library's website. All our staff and customers are happy that it's not only beautiful but all also easy to navigate and find information. I would recommend Emma and Paragon Marketing Group if you are looking to build website for your business. Emma was always available before, after and during the whole process of website building and very knowledgeable. Thank you .
Sarah Sawall
Sarah Sawall
March 8, 2021.
Emma has been incredibly helpful with her knowledge on all things marketing and website development. She listened to my concerns, answered my questions thoroughly, and gave clear and concise actionable items. I implemented the tasks she gave me and saw a return on investment. If you need some help with marketing, I highly recommend the team at Paragon.
Thomas Qualley
Thomas Qualley
July 8, 2020.
Thank you Paragon for all you have done and continue to do for Sovereign Select. I would recommend you to anyone.
Timothy Thelen
Timothy Thelen
May 28, 2020.
As a small business owner that needed assistance in growing and marketing my funeral home, Skip, Emma and the Team at Paragon was not only right there, they were on top of things before they were even things. I have questions at any hour of the day, they answer them by the next morning. I have never been left wondering what to do or where we were headed. Always the professionals, always the team players. I would recommend Paragon 100%.
Mark Dunning
Mark Dunning
November 26, 2019.
We have had the pleasure of working with Emma Oppermann of Paragon on a few projects and she has consistently gone WAY above and beyond and exceeded expectations. We have appreciated the prompt responses and timelines for completion, flexibility as project scopes have been adjusted (on our end), and high-quality professionalism of the final results. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Paragon for your marketing needs!
Susan Keel, CSP, CAPS, CCP
Susan Keel, CSP, CAPS, CCP
November 30, 2018.
Working with Paragon Marketing Group has helped to advance our company's message with the help of their marketing efforts. We are very appreciative of the professional advice and service extended through Paragon's team.
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