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Video Production

How Can Video Production Impact Your Business?

Our passion for video started Paragon as we originally began as a video production company called Paragon Media Group. Since then, we’ve become a full-service marketing group in addition to offering our video production services. We recognize that businesses have to change how they promote themselves and showcase their products and services. Why? Because video is everywhere today: billboards, websites, social media, live streams, and the list goes on. Video marketing has become a necessity in the business world. As of 2022, over 85% of all businesses use video as a marketing tool. And in this oversaturated market, it can be challenging to capture consumers’ attention – and even harder to keep it.

We provide the same high quality video production, marketing, and streaming services to advertise your business and keep viewers’ attention. Whether you want to livestream an event, film videos for your website, video record your podcast, run video ad campaigns on your social channels, conduct interviews, shoot training videos, or simply create brand awareness, all can be accomplish through the power of video. There are so many ways video can positively impact your business – and we’re ready to help you do just that.

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Video Production

As a former video production company, we’re confident to provide our clients with unparalleled video production services. From film to pre-rolls on media outlets to search engine marketing ads and more, we perform all our services within our in-house production studio. Following production, we’ll conduct extensive research to determine where to best place your videos to effectively reach your target audience.

Video marketing

With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, we know that video marketing is here to stay. The good news is that video marketing works hand-in-hand with video production. With high quality video in tow, we can help you determine how, when, where, and in which marketing channels you can share your video(s) to reach and engage with the most viewers.

Streaming Services

Employing streaming services as a marketing strategy for your business is ideal because it provides a convenient way for viewers to connect and engage with your business online. Video streaming can support nearly any type of organization or event, whether you’re wanting to improve the way sales conferences are run, educate viewers in an online class or seminar, share your message through church services, celebrate weddings or baptisms with friends and family members who can’t be there in person, and so much more.

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The price of video production has a wide range of variability. The first step is to determine the size and scope of the project. For example, a simple testimonial video from a client or customer can be shot and edited in just a few short hours. An overview video for your business may require a bit more thought, but the budget can be throttled to suit your needs based on the length of the intended video, what assets may already be available, and other factors that may complicate or simplify the process.

Most shoots take around half a typical business day. This would include things like setup, interviews and gathering additional footage and assets for use in the video.

Instead of simply telling people what you do, wouldn’t you rather show them what you do? Video gives you the opportunity to tell your story. Video allows you to connect with your current and potential customers in a more engaging and personal way. Video shows precisely how your product or service works and so much more! Why wouldn’t you utilize video?

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