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Non-profit marketing is one of our three specialty marketing areas. We feel strongly about non-profit causes and love seeing organizations in Wisconsin and the surrounding area grow. We have a passion for working with veteran organizations, religious organizations, health organizations and more in order to help their mission reach others.

Non-profits have a lot of the same needs as a small to medium sized business, but they don’t have the same budgets. They have to maximize every dollar they spend and be great stewards of the donations. That’s where we come in. Most everything we offer for any small business, we also offer for non-profits at a severely discounted rate along with our high dollar expertise.

Organizations We Support

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Non-Profit Services

Our non-profit marketing offers up to 40% off our normal labor rates along with our extensive knowledge of marketing channels that have special programs for non-profits. From digital to fundraising management we can help grow the non-profits’ exposure and fundraising abilities.

Non-profit businesses have been an expanding outreach for us and we consider it a privilege to work with people who are passionate about their work like we are. Our services can help customers become more aware of your organization and give them adequate outlets to donate to your cause. Whether you need marketing for a charity event or a monthly newsletter to keep customers informed, we provide you with a professional and trustworthy image. Let us join your team and make a difference.

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