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Non-Profit Marketing

You Have A Message To Share . . . But Have You Considered Non-Profit Marketing?

You have a purpose to serve, passion to fuel it, and a mission to accomplish . . . but have you ever struggled to find the support, funds, or volunteers to manage your non-profit business? The world needs to hear your message, but maybe you’re still trying to figure out how to increase awareness and share it with a broader audience. Perhaps you’re trying to figure out how to afford non-profit marketing, or maybe you’ve even wondered how you could possibly find the time to market your non-profit when you’re dedicated to serving your community.

That’s where Paragon Marketing Group comes in. It’s our desire to amplify your non-profit marketing and reach, whether you’re based locally in Wisconsin or halfway across the world. Because at the end of the day, we’re all part of a community, and you probably know better than most that non-profit work can’t be accomplished alone.

Our Services

We understand making a difference in the world still costs money, and that non-profits don’t have the same budgets as traditional businesses – every dollar counts. So we want to help your nonprofit by offering the following marketing solutions:

Your non-profit business is your passion; cultivating awareness for your non-profit is ours. While our business type may be different, we share a common goal of building well-rounded communities. Our desire is to form lasting relationships with all our clients, and we would consider it a privilege to share your mission and increase its exposure. Contact us to get started today!

*Learn more about our rates set exclusively for non-profit organizations!

Let's Work Together To Grow Your Business