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Automated Marketing CRM

Understanding Automated Marketing CRM Tools

Our automated marketing CRM tool, SharpSpring, is a simple, easy-to-use platform that combines the features of a customer relationship management (CRM) system and a marketing and sales automation tool. SharpSpring can help grow your business, manage every customer interaction, captivate your audience, and complete sales quickly, all through the convenience of a single platform.

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Benefits of Sharpspring

Consolidate Marketing Tools

You don’t need endless different marketing tools or programs to build relationships and interact with your customers. With SharpSpring, you can reach customers through every part of the funnel, all from the convenience of a single platform.

Automate Your Emails

SharpSpring’s built-in email automation allows you to create customized email campaigns, track every customer interaction, and review analytics. This features will help you understand and interact with your customers, which can lead to more sales.

Convert Leads With Forms

Convert more leads using SharpSpring’s customizable forms. You can easily reorder fields, map fields from third parties, enable autocomplete options for site visitors, and attract customers with a polished finish. Anyone who fills out the form will automatically be entered into the CRM system.

Gain Valuable Data

Make informed marketing decisions with SharpSpring’s easy-to-read reports. After selecting your desired metrics, SharpSpring will create marketing reports that will help you understand the data, review marketing campaign performance, and enable you to execute quickly.

Integrate 3rd party systems

Do you want to consolidate your marketing tools, but still keep a few? We get it. Whether it’s your CRM provider or another tool you’re not ready to cut ties with, SharpSpring was built to allow integrations with many 3rd party systems.

Manage Social Media

SharpSpring combines all the tools you need for an effective, organized social management system. In addition, it can help you gain more social leads by integrating all social interactions into actionable reports.

Let's Get To Work

As a small business that relies on SharpSpring to manage our client relationships, we understand the value that SharpSpring can bring to your business, whether you’re ready to consolidate your marketing channels into one cohesive system, or you’re looking for guidance on how to use SharpSpring to improve your marketing. Our team is ready to help you generate more leads, convert those leads into customers, and see a greater return on your investment more quickly, all through the convenience of SharpSpring.