Small Business Marketing

Not enough hours in the day for all you need to do?

Let us become your marketing team.

We are a small business marketing group that specializes in marketing for small businesses. It’s fun to say, but what does it mean? Small business marketing is such a broad statement sometimes it can be hard to discern what falls underneath this category. Really, this whole category falls under the umbrella of clients we serve. We focus on small businesses and B2B marketing. Along with restaurant marketing and non-profit marketing, small business marketing is one of our specialties.

How many hats do you wear?

We understand that running a small business is a lot of work. You wear a lot of hats, maybe too many to count. That’s okay because we wouldn’t mind taking a few of those hats off of your hands (or head). We can handle all of the following things:

  • Lead Generating
  • Web Design and Maintenance
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Work
  • Advertising
  • Listings
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations

And other things as well. This gives you the ability to concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

We look to make lasting relationships with our clients and build a well rounded community with other small businesses. We understand what it takes to market a small business and how to cater to its strengths and weaknesses. From one small business to another, we’d love to join your team!

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