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LIve Streaming Services

Understanding Live Streaming

Live streaming is an interactive marketing channel that transmits audio or video coverage of events via social media channels such as Facebook or YouTube. Events could include graduations, training sessions, networking or educational events, or even church services. While streaming services are a relatively new advertising medium, this channel is ideal for any organization to employ. Why? Because viewers can engage with your business in real time through live streaming, setting it apart from other marketing channels.

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Benefits of Live Streaming

Improve Conferences

Conferences are complex events, whether they involve a few workplaces or are organized on a national scale. Offering livestream can benefit attendees by allowing people to participate from home or view classes at a later time, without having any negative impact on the quality of the conference.

Educate Your Viewers

Whether you’re a graduate student attending a business class virtually, a culinary artist in training replaying a cooking class livestream video, or an industry expert leading a seminar, streaming services can open the door to educators in every industry to share their expertise with people all over the world.

Share Your Message

Not every organization’s goal is to raise money. As a non-profit, you need to spread information. If you're a church, you might want to offer virtual viewing options for your growing congregation. Either way, streaming services are a great option to help you connect with your audience and share your message.

Amplify Your Reach

Every building has capacity limits, but with live-streaming, your viewing capacity can grow significantly higher. Streaming services enable you to amplify your reach to a much larger audience and offer you an additional digital touchpoint to connect with your online followers or viewers.

Turn Live Streams Into Assets

Although live streams come to an end, they don’t stop working for you. In addition to allowing for video replay, you can take thumbnails, screenshots, and video clips from your live stream and transform them into marketing assets, such as images and videos, that can be added to your media library and used across multiple platforms.

Celebrate With Those Faraway

Special events such as weddings or baptisms are best shared with the people we love. But the reality is that physical distance often prevents people from being able to celebrate these milestones together. Thanks to livestream capabilities, you can now virtually attend those events with friends and family members who are faraway.

Let's Get To Work

Video streaming is a powerful tool that has created a new way for us to communicate and connect with our clients, employees, attendees, congregations, students, teachers, and loved ones all over the world. Our team is ready to service live streaming capabilities, and consult with you on the details..

The cost is determined largely by two factors. The first is the simplicity of the setup (how many cameras, audio requirements, graphics needed, etc.). The second is the length of the event you need to live stream (a 1 hour speech or a full day seminar).

YouTube offers free live streaming for any channel. You do not need much more than a Google account to live stream. All your audience needs is a link which will be provided to them in order to watch it.

There are many instances where people may not have the ability to travel to a special event that they wish to attend. Live streaming allows you to bring the event to them, wherever they are.