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Direct Mail Marketing

Understanding Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing enables businesses to communicate an offer or deal through the U.S. Postal Service. The postcard includes an option for customers who receive the mail to reply directly back to the business. By using the latest marketing trends, like personalized postcards, Paragon can help you market directly to your customers on a recurring basis.

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Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Access Customer Lists

Direct mail can only be a successful strategy if you have customers to whom you send mailers. We’ll provide you with access to updated customer lists you can use for direct mail or other marketing channels.

Target Your Ads

So many options are available when it comes to targeting your desired clients with direct mail. You may want to focus on a certain zip code, reach out to new residents in your target market, or specialize your mailers by offering a birthday certificate.

Customize Your Mailers

All mailers don’t have to look the same. Our in-house designers will collaborate with you to create customized 5.5” x 8.5” four color, double-sided jumbo postcards. These cards will effectively communicate your offer because they are personalized, so they feel more like a card than a direct mail piece.

Measure Your Success

While direct mail may not be a digital marketing method, this traditional marketing channel enables you to measure your success by tracking your results through QR codes printed on the postcards.

Generate New Leads

If you’re looking to capture new customers, direct mail is a great place to start! Build a relationship with potential new customers and share the value your business could bring them through customized mailers.

Edge Out The Competition

Direct mail is a great opportunity to edge out competitors. The mailers not only offer something unique, but through them you'll receive access to targeted customer lists, first class postage, and customized pieces.

Let's Get To Work

Our team is ready to put our marketing expertise to work to get you the best possible results through direct mail marketing. We’ll provide you with access to your desired customer lists, customize the look and feel of your mailers, and target the demographics of the clients you hope to gain. And if you sign up for six months, we’ll even give you 400 free postcards – just mention this special to us to get started today.