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Pewaukee Graphic Design

Does You Have A Pewaukee Graphic Design Firm To Share Your Story?

Graphic design is often considered either an afterthought or an action that can be performed by anybody. And, yes, it’s true that anyone can try designing graphics, but that doesn’t mean you have the time, knowledge or skill to create effective eye-catching materials. But at Paragon, we focus on creating beautiful, functional designs for our Pewaukee graphic design clients.

We understand graphic design is so much more than a pretty picture. In fact, graphic design offers numerous benefits for your Pewaukee business, from making that first good impression with prospective clients to establishing a consistent brand identity to communicating your message more effectively than your competitors.

Whether you need a set of brochures, a fresh design for your website, eye-catching online ads, a new logo, or anything that requires graphic design expertise, the story you want to tell matters, and we’d love to help you share it through our design services.

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Branding materials

Every business tells a story through branding, and graphic design plays a key role in forming a consistent brand identity. We use Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign) to create professional layouts and designs. We always consider your brand identity when making design decisions, whether you already have an established one or would like help creating one for your business. Our branding services include logos, color schemes, business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers and more.


You can’t successfully run a business without advertisements today. They drive growth, amplify your reach, and communicate your message. Our designers create eye-catching designs that are consistent with your brand and will promote your business. We design online, social media, and print ads to lead customers directly to your website. Our advertising design services include postcards and mailers, posters, invitations, signs, newspaper and magazine ads, digital ads and more.

Presentation Design

Sleek, well-designed presentations can support your ideas rather than detract from them. Our designers create attractive, professional-looking presentations that will effectively communicate your message using PowerPoint or Keynote, as well as design posters or flyers to supplement your presentation.

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