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Understanding Podcasts

A podcast is a recording of audio discussion on a specific topic that can be listened to by your consumers. Each podcast is made up of a collection of episodes. You can decide the number of episodes, determine the theme of each episode, and record each episode for as long or short as you’d like. Podcasts typically have at least one person leading a discussion, sharing the news, or telling a story. Once you have finished recording each episode, listeners can stream your podcast episodes online or download them for future listening.

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Benefits of Podcasting

Inform Your Customers

Whether you have an important announcement to make, are launching a new product or service, or are making changes to your business, a podcast is an ideal communication avenue to keep your customers informed and up-to-date.

Educate Your Listeners

You’re the expert behind your business, but oftentimes your audience will not understand what makes your business unique. A podcast is a great channel to bridge that gap and educate your listeners about what your business can do for them.

Promote Your Business

The beauty of podcasts is that YOU are in control: you decide the topic and length of each episode and how many episodes there are. You can talk or have someone else lead the discussion. The point is that you decide how to best promote your business.

Humanize Your Brand

A business is ultimately made up of people. Utilizing a podcast allows your listeners to get to know you and the people behind the business, which helps consumers better understand your company’s mission and values.

Build Strong Relationships

Podcasts are a powerful channel to build strong relationships. Invite clients to give a testimonial, partner with other like-minded businesses, or even allow your listeners to submit questions that you can answer over your podcast.

Sell Advertising Slots

This opportunity is easier to take advantage of after your podcast has become established. Similar to a radio show, podcasts offer great opportunities for your business to earn revenue by selling advertising slots.

Let's Get To Work

With our extensive background knowledge in video production, our team has the creativity and resources to provide you with high quality podcasts, whether you’d like to use Paragon’s podcast studio to create your own podcast with our help or rent the space so you won’t need to purchase equipment or do the work of producing an episode. In addition, we can also video record your podcast so it becomes a multi-faceted marketing tool. Whether you’re going free-form and casual with your recording sessions or want structured help to get the ideas flowing, we look forward to helping you with your podcast.