the importance of SEO

Thousands of businesses have reaped the benefits of visibility in the markets they work. If your site does not show at the top of local search results then you are giving business to your competition. Search Engine Optimization is one of the keys to your business being found online. Paragon is the expert in Wisconsin seo services.

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our process

We start with your online listings and ensure everything is exactly the same across up to 72 platforms. Sites like Yahoo, Google Business, Yellow pages online and Hotfrog. It is very important that everything be exactly the same on these sites, right down to the period in the same place. Being a YEXT Certified Partner, we have the capability to make this happen and we can adjust at anytime to clear things up. The process could take weeks or could take months. It all depends on how bad your listings are across the web. We normally suggest 4 months minimum and redoing it for 4 months yearly.

SEO is also about doing the correct keywording on individual pages and backlinking that adds value to your site. Most importantly, we need to make sure the content on your site is relevant to what you do and conforms to all standards of desktops, mobile platforms and tablets. Even one of them being slightly off will affect your ranking.

Another important piece of SEO is what the world calls content marketing. We have to create a story of your world across multiple platforms. Social media, websites, articles, blogs, newsletters and online directories. All of these things need to tie together like a spider web. If there is a broken moring thread on a spider web then the whole web could come down. The same goes for your marketing. If one main component does not work then the whole content strategy will not work and, therefore, your SEO will not rank you above your competitors. This is where Paragon thrives. We know content marketing and we strategize constantly to create the web needed to attract new potential clients before your competitors do.

We believe that Your Success is Our Success. It’s what makes us different. It’s what makes us Paragon.

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