Nate KuphallVideo Specialist

Meet Nate

I became very interested in video production back in my early teens when my younger brother and I began making short films for fun. Those were good days! Being homeschooled, we often had the opportunity to dedicate full afternoons to this if we were diligent enough to complete our schoolwork early.

I have since graduated college with a degree in television and video production. Though I learned much in my time at college, I still attribute the ongoing passion I have with video to those earlier years before. It seems to me that having good memories of learning one’s trade can often be a motivator in future years. When I look back at how much fun I had at the time I knew so little, I can better appreciate even the more difficult aspects of my work now, knowing so much more.

Today as a video specialist at Paragon I look forward to every chance I get to tell a good story visually. Taking the elements of sound, motion, timing and music and putting them together in a meaningful way is like piecing together a puzzle with a picture no one has seen before and then showing it for the first time. I consider it an immense blessing to be able to do this at Paragon.