Importance of Digital Advertising

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Nearly everything is digital in this day and age. Buying products and goods and chatting with your loved ones is easily accessible, and so is advertising for your business. Here are some important digital advertising tools to enhance your business’ marketing strategy.


YouTube Pre-Roll

Also known as in-stream video advertising, pre-roll ads are a great tool to get your business out there. You know when you go to watch a video on YouTube and an advertisement pops up before or during your video that gives you the “Skip Ad” option? That could be your business’ advertisement! Most people aren’t a fan of commercials, but if done well, it can provide an entertaining and helpful break, and it may lead a new consumer your way. There are three main types of pre-roll advertising your business can use:

  • Skippable video ads: this option follows a pay-per-view model, so you pay when the viewer watches the entire ad, or when they reach 30 seconds. This method gives users the option to watch the video after five seconds.
  • Non-skippable video ads: these video ads are 15-20 seconds long and, of course, are unable to be skipped by viewers. This method also follows the pay-per-view option.
  • Bumper ads: these are non-skippable and the video is six seconds long, but they follow a pay-per-1000-view model


Pay-Per-Click Ads 

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click ads, is a method in which you pay a fee each time your online advertisement is clicked on. The most popular way to use PPC is through search engine advertising. This means that your ads are placed in a search engine’s (like Google) sponsored links when someone searches a keyword related to your product or service. This is an extremely cost-effective tool because you’re only paying when a user reaches your website from the ad. It’s also measurable and targeted, so you get to choose the demographic that you are trying to reach and you’re able to see what your ROI (return on investment) is.


Social Media Ads

Paying for advertisements on social media is a common and useful tool for your business. The benefits of this over organic social media posting is that if you are trying to market a current special or limited-time product, or even just general advertising, it pushes the advertisement out to more people than it would organically. By using a mix of paid and organic ads, your business is sure to flourish on social media. The most popular forms of paid advertising on social media are on Facebook and Instagram, but it is also an option on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Retargeting Ads

This method allows you to show targeted ads to users who have visited your website and haven’t completed a conversion like a contact form, download a file, or purchase an item. This type of digital advertising is used with tracking codes that show users your business’ advertisement on relevant sites or places they frequently visit.


There are a ton of beneficial ways to use digital advertising for your business’ marketing strategy. If you have questions about these different marketing tools or want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Paragon Marketing Group team. Call us today (262) 443-9092