Online Listings Are Essential For Your Business

Online listings.

Online listings is an important, essential, and powerful tool to help your customers find you both in real life and online. What is a listing? It quite literally is a list of crucial business information your customers can use to research and contact you. There’s one thing you need to remember to make your online listings successful:


No, it’s not a typo. It’s a useful acronym that you should use in all business listings…

Phone number

Why and How Do Listings Work?

A listing is present on many things like search engines, social media, and online directories. It’s important that the listing is as precise and accurate as possible, which is why keeping NAP+W in mind is important. Usually less is more, but not for listings. Of course the more accessible your business’ information is, the easier it is for customers to research and discover your company.

Why Are Online Listings Important?

Listings that provide accurate information, as stated above, can bring a lot of value to your business’ marketing techniques. If there is any incorrect or missing information on your listing, not only will it be more difficult for customers to find you, but it dampers your credibility. Further, consistent listings along with credible and positive customer reviews can benefit your business’ visibility by boosting your ranking on search engine results.

Paragon Marketing Group can help you take control of how your customers view you online. By using this one tool, we can help display your business’ information across 60+ apps, maps, and search engines.