Drones, Safety, and Law: Some Things You Need To Know

Drones in video.

Drones have increased in popularity and the uses for them have grown significantly over the past few years. Especially for video productions that are used for a variety of reasons in the business world. With the increased amount of drones in the air, comes more and more regulations and concerns businesses need to be aware of.

The amount of pilots has increased significantly. Many of the pilots have the proper credentials to operate a drone legally for commercial purposes and many do not. Here are some items that businesses need to take into consideration before hiring a pilot to capture footage for your business:

  1. Be sure the pilot has a license. In order for a business to use drone footage for commercial purposes; it has to be captured by a licensed drone pilot. The FAA has strict guidelines regarding this and penalties can be handed out for used footage that was not done by a FAA tested pilot.
  2. Be sure the pilot has insurance. Many drone companies and commercially licensed pilots do not have the proper type of insurance that specifically covers drones. There are specific types of insurances for UAV pilots. So ask for a certificate of insurance prior to operations.
  3. Ask about their experience. Many people say they are drone pilots but fall short on the experience. Just because the ease of obtaining drones is there, doesn’t mean the individual has enough experience to handle the myriad of situations that present themselves during flights. Ask about how many flight hours they have, ask to see their flight logs, or ask what training they have received. A good pilot will not be offended by these inquiries.
  4. Has the flight been reported? Ask the pilot if he has reported the flight operations to all surrounding registered airports or aerial facilities prior to operations. This is a requirement by law and should be strictly followed.

So as you can see, there are lots of things to consider when it comes to hiring a service to capture aerial footage. Be sure to inquire about these points because taking these steps will insure the operations for your flight are safe and most importantly, legal.

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