5 Video Marketing Strategies For 2021

video marketing 2021

What’s on your new year’s resolutions list? Eating healthy, staying active, and traveling of course. What about upping your video content game? 2021 is the year of fun, trying new things, and being adaptable! We’ve created a list of video marketing strategies your business should be incorporating into your marketing plan this year.

Video Marketing Strategies

What type of video content could up your marketing for 2021? Check out these 5 video marketing strategies:

1. Casual, Laidback Content

Yes, you read that right. In light of COVID-19, big video production has been put on hold. Throughout the year, we’ve seen companies create advertisements and videos from compiled home videos of their employees and customers and we don’t see this leaving us any time soon. Above anything else, people prefer authentic content. That means snippets of live streams and selfie videos from your iPhone can be used and reused on your social accounts! While they may be lower quality, they invite personality to your business and your clients can have a better understanding for your company’s message and morals.

2. Live-Streaming

You can also thank COVID for this one. Did you know that the online live streaming industry has grown 99% between April 2019 and April 2020? Live streaming has become increasingly more popular for many reasons. It’s a way for businesses to directly interact with their customers and people love it because they can watch video content with advertisements or commercials. According to Livestream, 82% of people prefer live video from a brand over standard social media posts and 80% of people prefer live streaming over reading a blog from a brand.

3. Super Short Videos

We’re talking 5-10 seconds short. We all know and love the “Skip Ad” option on Facebook and Youtube videos. Creating an advertisement that people can watch before being able to skip the ad ensures that your content is being seen.

4. Long Video

To the same degree, consumers are increasingly enjoying longer content. Perhaps it’s due to COVID and freed up time on people’s hands, people are getting more used to watching longer content. A recent study found that videos longer than 15 minutes account for 50% of all video engagement but only 8% of content. This means you can produce fewer, longer videos for better results. The key to success is to make the video exciting and engaging.

5. 360 Video and AR Content

360 video is a powerful tool to allow your audience to be more interactive with your content. This type of video is becoming more popular even for regular, every day people to use. AR content is being used by big businesses and smaller companies are slowly catching on. IKEA, for example, allows you to place their products into your living spaces to see it for their intended use.

With these video marketing strategies, your business is sure to capture the attention of new and current customers. Paragon Marketing Group is no stranger to any of these types of videography and are eager to help you launch into the new year! Call or message us today (262)443-9092