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Why choose Paragon?

Welcome to Paragon Marketing Group! Here, we are a family—although not all related by blood—comprised of creative minds, statistical strategists, and dedicated individuals. Our combined 50 plus years of experience and passion covers every aspect of marketing so you can be sure that we’ll provide an unmatched experience for all of our customers.

Rooted in a culture that deeply believes in social responsibility, we want to help organizations that we support, be it personally or corporately. Achieving your mission is achieving our mission of providing unparalleled service to our customers and community.

A social manager creating a Facebook post for Paragon Marketing Group, one of our Wisconsin marketing services.
The team in a strategy session.
A designer creating a business card on the computer.

We’ve Got This

You’ve got the ambition, the passion, and the vision. We take every detail and opportunity into account to make your vision become a reality. We consistently and collaboratively work with you on your business and are with you every step of the way.

When we say, “we’ve got this”, you’d better believe we mean it. Want to see what we’re talking about?

“I had a dream of creating an organization that lives morally, ethically and Godly while helping today’s businesses, and we are living proof that it can be done!”
—Jim Reinke
  • Jim (Skip) Reinke
    Jim (Skip) Reinke President
  • Kathy Gurka
    Kathy Gurka Vice President
  • Emma Oppermann
    Emma Oppermann Production Coordinator
  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Video Specialist
  • Mary Hanson
    Mary Hanson Customer Service Representative
  • Catherine McNeil-Reinke
    Catherine McNeil-Reinke Marketing Assistant
  • Nate Kuphall
    Nate Kuphall Video Specialist
  • Jenny Johnson
    Jenny Johnson Website Service Specialist
  • Holly Myers
    Holly Myers Marketing Assistant
  • Devin Bangart
    Devin Bangart Account Executive—Stevens Point

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