It’s Time To Plan Your Marketing For 2023

A marketer pointing to a graph on his computer to demonstrate why it's important to plan your marketing for 2023.

We’re still a few months from the new year, but that doesn’t mean your marketing shouldn’t be prepared. It’s time to plan your marketing for 2023. Aside from inflation and economic changes impacting businesses nationwide, technological advances and new, emerging trends in marketing mean it’s even more important to start planning your marketing for the upcoming year.

As a full-service marketing group, we believe it’s important that your marketing attract new clients while retaining your current customers. Here are three reasons why it’s time to plan your marketing for 2023:

1. Marketing Trends Are Always Changing . . . And So Should You

Between a global pandemic and constant advancements in technology, it isn’t surprising that advertising trends are changing. While we believe in celebrating your milestones, the marketing machine is constantly evolving, which means your marketing strategies should, too. Whether you need help with your website or a social channel, it’s time to map out marketing strategies for 2023.

Constantly evolving marketing trends means it's time to change and plan your marketing for 2023.
Constantly evolving marketing trends means it’s time to change and plan your marketing for 2023.

2. New Consumers’ Habits Requires A Mobile-First Mindset

While the pandemic might have slowed in-person business for many consumers, those same consumers not only continue to spend more time online, but they also use their mobile devices to shop, search for businesses, and view websites on their mobile devices. And with this move here to stay, businesses need to ensure their websites are responsive, consider increasing their mobile advertising budget, and make decisions with a mobile-first mindset to continue to attract today’s consumers.

Plan your marketing for 2023 with a mobile-first mindset as more consumers continue to search and shop on their mobile devices.
Plan your marketing for 2023 with a mobile-first mindset as more consumers continue to search and shop on their mobile devices.

Source: FinancesOnline

3. Marketing Experts Could Give You The Upper Hand

Many people are overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to design their own website, get their business in all the proper listings, and post regularly to multiple social channels in addition to all the other marketing avenues they could be utilizing. What often helps a business stand out from the crowd is bringing in a third-party expert. Why? Because marketing firms stay up-to-date on the latest trends and specialize in providing marketing services for businesses big or small. They can even manage your marketing completely if you rather focus on running your business. Whether you need an outside opinion or guidance, firms like Paragon Marketing Group can provide the necessary expertise you need.

Consider hiring a marketing firm, like Paragon Marketing Group, to help you in the year as you plan for marketing in 2023.
Consider hiring a marketing firm, like Paragon Marketing Group, to help you in the year as you plan for marketing in 2023.

Source: Paragon Marketing Group

Marketing trends will continue to change, so it’s vital that your business embrace the future. Whether you choose to hire a marketing firm for outside expertise, mobilize your website to create a better online experience for your mobile users, or map out a marketing strategy to prepare for the new year, now is the time to plan your marketing for 2023.

Create A Marketing Plan For 2021

2021 marketing plan.

The cozy, warm vibes of fall are an easy excuse to slip into a slow and sluggish routine. This is actually a great time to hit the ground running and hash out a 2021 marketing plan and strategy! Relaxing during the holidays will be a lot more fulfilling knowing you’re already prepared for the new year. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone; we’ve curated a list of some great ways for you to get a plan in place.

2021 Marketing Plan To-Do List

-Embrace Change

Think about it: is the marketing plan you had in place back in January 2020 relevant anymore? Chances are, you had to change and adapt to quite a bit of change since then. Having a plan in place helps to set a pace and keep your business organized, but be open to making changes as the year progresses.

-Set a List of Goals

Before you go full speed ahead into 2021, it’s important to establish what you want to accomplish for the year. Making a list of goals will help keep you on track, and imagine how good it will feel to check off each one as you complete them! If you’re not sure where to start with your goals, try using something like SMART goals or CLEAR objectives as a template.

-Stay Connected

If there’s anything to take from 2020, it’s that life is unpredictable. Who knows what’s to come in the next calendar year? Staying connected to your customers, especially online, is crucial. Keeping your website and social media sites up to date, making it easy for customers to contact you via phone, email, or online chat, and even incorporating more virtual events is a great way to stay connected.

-Keep Track of Results and Know Your Audience

While analyzing what works now for your customers is a good way to get started, really honing in and looking to see what your audience is attracted to monthly, weekly, and in certain cases, daily will help to know what kind of content to post. Keeping track can also help you establish a marketing budget.

-Give a Little Bit of Extra Love to Online Marketing

There’s a lot to organize and keep track of in your business. And sometimes we place marketing on the back burner. With your customers spending more time online now than they would have before, putting a little extra time and money into your marketing efforts will go a long way. Consider posting on your socials more, extending your services to online if possible, and keeping your website up to date.

Adding “adaptability” and “flexibility” to your everyday vocabulary AND your marketing plan is important for 2021! Be open to change, especially for your business’ marketing plan. We know starting can be scary; Paragon Marketing Group is here to help you through it all! Call or message us today (262)443-9092